Hot Air Balloon Safari

Now that you have signed up for the adventure activity of a lifetime you may be wondering what you might expect on the day of your balloon safari.

First off, you can expect to get up pretty early, as you are required to meet at your flight venue before sunrise. And for evening shift you can expect to have calm day. Balloons need stable winds to operate effectively and the hours just following sunrise are the best for finding these winds. Weather plays a big role because balloons move with the air and, as such, plays a bit role in whether the pilot will decide to fly or not. Once it has been established that it is indeed a good day for flying, the pilot will chose a launch site to use where the wind currents are suitable to fly towards a decent landing site.

As for clothing we recommend to wear long sleeves ,flat shoes, long pants and please avoid fibres clothes.


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In the morning, meeting time is one hour before sunrise. This is when the weather is most stable. In the Evening, meeting time is one hour before sunset. Flight time to be confirmed upon booking. How long is the balloon flight? Depending on the packages and strength of the wind and the topography, the flight is anything around one hour. The whole experience takes between three to four hours.

Depending on the wind, most flights take place between the tree tops and 300ft above ground.

Depending upon the package you choose and on the wind the balloon travels anything between 5 and 20 kilometres. The pilot is in radio contact with a retrieve vehicle that follows the balloon on the ground.

The coldest part of the morning is upon arrival. As the experience progresses' it gets warmer. It is in fact warmer in the balloon than on the ground.