Balloon Ride / Safari

Balloon Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is the first ever commercial hot air balloon flight that started in Nepal in 2018 officially and has been running its service since. The flight is happening in the beautiful and most popular tourist destination of Nepal, Pokhara. The flight includes a swift and sound flight to the best height from where you can feel the cold breeze with the mesmerizing views of the mountain ranges of Fishtail, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri on the northern side with the sunrise view on the eastern side flaming its light to beautiful Pokhara City and the high hills at the southern and western side where the western side is again added with the beautiful sunset view in the evening flight.


Apart from all the other best adventures, the balloon ride has its privilege of giving the guests the softness, calmness, and luxury that you can feel on the terrace that rises almost to the top possible view, giving a perfect dimension of observing Pokhara.