29 November

Visit Nepal 2020 is around the corner... Wondering what things to do in Pokhara?

The natural beauty of Nepal is the first thing you can hear anywhere when the name of Nepal is mentioned. ‘The Country of Mount Everest’ and ‘Land of Gautam Buddha’ are also popular alternate names used for Nepal.

Nepal is very rich in its culture, traditions, and religion.

The natural beauty and exotic places are to be talked about and the top reason to Visit Nepal in 2020. The hospitality and hearty nature of Nepalese people will make your stay comfortable.

Also, the wide range of flora and fauna is an eye-appealing sight for nature lovers.

Pokhara is the major touristic hub in Nepal and must-visit place when someone visits Nepal. Additionally, the peaceful and clean environment of the city can make you feel relaxed and composed.

The upcoming year 2020 is the tourism year with the intention or motto of generating more tourists and providing them an unforgettable touristic experience.

Furthermore, the city of Pokhara holds the expectations of many people for tourism promotion.

What to do in Pokhara (Visit Nepal 2020 Special)

  • Trekking amidst the forest in stone-paved trails.

  • Different attractions of Pokhara like Davis Fall, Peace pagoda and various caves.

  • Sunrise view from Sarangkot.

  • Seven beautiful lakes.

  • One-day hiking.

  • Taste Nepali cuisine and experience Nepali culture.

  • Adventurous activities like paragliding and hot air balloon ride.

Must-do Things in Pokhara

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The latest and most exciting adventure sport in Pokhara recently is Hot Air Balloon Ride. The special Hot Air Balloon Ride can be a lifetime experience for anyone.

What can be another best way to view the beautiful Pokhara city than observing it from a height with a bird-eye view?

The highest altitude that one can reach is around 1000 ft. above the ground.

Also, Balloon Nepal will provide you with packages that will suit you the best.

Additionally, we provide certificates to show our gratitude towards you. The different packages Balloon Nepal provides will make it into your memories forever.

We provide you the package where you can celebrate your birthday by cutting the cake while floating in the air. Another package we provide is an engagement package so that you can purpose the love of your life to be yours forever.

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Sunrise view from Sarangkot

Sarangkot is the nearest hill from the lakeside, Pokhara. The place is also a starting point for paragliding.

If you want to view the city from a height and enjoy the sunrise view then this is the place you want to go.

Surprisingly, the mesmerizing view of sunrise and sunset from Sarangkot can be an unforgettable experience for you.

Visit Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda is commonly known as Chinese Stupa by the local peoples in Pokhara.

The stupa is a little far from Davis Fall and the way is uphill windy but, don't worry! Even though the local vehicles are not available you can take a cab or if you think you are fit enough then you can take a bicycle too.

Enjoy local and authentic cuisines

One thing about the Pokhara is there are enough restaurants and bars to fulfill any of your moods. We suggest you choose some authentic looking place to taste the Thakali cuisine.

Additionally, the hospitality will not upset you we promise!

Adventurous sports

Paragliding and tower jumping are some of the adventurous sports that you can perform while you are at Pokhara.

As mentioned earlier, the starting point for Paragliding in Sarangkot and the ending point is at Lakeside.

Additionally, another best thing about Pokhara is that it is the gateway for different trekking points.

These are some of the best things to do in Pokhara for your visit to Nepal in the tourism year 2020. We hope you have an amazing stay here.