26 November

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara

The most wonderful and happening place in Nepal; Pokhara is the best location for all kinds of tourist activities. And to add on it, Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara is a popular thing now.

The clean environment, the wonderful lakes, view of mountains and adventurous activities are the reasons that Pokhara is one of the favorite places for tourists in Nepal.

There are several adventurous activities that one can perform in Pokhara. Additionally, Pokhara is the gateway for most of the trekking routes.

Therefore, it is the best destination to satisfy your adrenaline rush.



Hot Air Balloon Ride Facts

Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara is re-introduced recently after it was stopped a long time ago.

Travelers sit on a basket-like structure and fly in the sky. Also, the flames help to fly the Balloon and the source of flame is propane liquid.

You will be as higher as 500m above the land which will let you have the greatest bird-eye view of the surrounding.

Henceforth, the activity is popular among the adventure-loving and thrill-seeking people.

Highlights of Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara

First of all, it is an adventurous activity but still safe than other activities because the balloon is much secured and only a limited number of people can ride at once. You can click unbelievable pictures while in the air.

Also, you can get pictures and videos with a little extra charge.

The only hot air balloon ride in Nepal is around 40-60 minutes. This means you can observe the overall view of glorious Pokhara.

The surrounding mountains like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Himchuli, Machapuchhre and other mountains are upfront and you can see it beautifully.

There are two flights in a day for now which offers either the sunrise view or the sunset view. Furthermore, you can observe the sun rising above the majestic mountains or set through another side.

Among all the many things to do in Pokhara, this activity from Balloon Nepal might just be a revolutionary one in Nepal’s adventurous activity sector.

Best Season for Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara

The best time to visit Pokhara for hot air Balloon Ride is during summer, spring and winter.

In aggregate, except monsoon season, all other seasons are favorable for the hot air balloon ride. The sunrise view or the sunset view is the preferable option for travelers.

Besides the seasons, the weather also plays a vital role in the flight.

The foggy surrounding or the rainy surrounding can cause delay or even cancellation of the flight because your safety is our top-most priority. The nice and clear weather not only confirms your safety but also gives you an uncompromised view of the surrounding.


Balloon Rides for Special Occasions

Yeah, balloon rides are special.

But imagine celebrating your auspicious/ important moment together with your loved ones at the height of 500m above the beautiful Pokhara city.

The feeling you will get after the flight will be incomparable to anything.

Here are some of the packages with the best hot air balloon price and occasions that we offer for your memorable days:

Hot Air Engagement

Hot Air Engagement is a special package for couples who are thinking of taking their love life further together. The Hot Air Balloon in Pokhara will escort you to the mid-air where you can purpose the love of your life to be your wife.

Hot Air Anniversary

What else than a great Hot Air Balloon Ride to celebrate your anniversary?

Hot Air Anniversary is the best option to express your never-ending love to your beloved partner.

Hot Air Birthday

Do you want your Birthday to be outstanding and memorable?

Then cut the cake in the middle of the air in our Hot Air Balloon Ride. This will surely be one of the best birthdays that you have ever celebrated.

Balloon Ride Short Trip

Short Balloon trip is the trip for a group to fly over the luxurious land of Pokhara and observe the beautiful mountains and bird-eye view of the surrounding within 25-30 minutes.

A maximum of 7 peoples can travel at once.

Henceforth, you can experience the best view with your friends, family and close people.

Balloon Ride Long Trip

Long Balloon trip is the trip for a group to fly over the luxurious land of Pokhara and observe the beautiful mountains and bird-eye view of the surrounding for around 60 minutes.

The short trip doesn’t include the view of everything around Pokhara valley. Therefore, this trip is better than doing a short balloon trip.


Hot Air Balloon is the best adventurous activity that you can perform when you are at Pokhara. This experience of a lifetime can give a mesmerizing eye-warming view that will last forever. Therefore, we suggest you don’t miss the opportunity!